About Us

Jewish Family Service is guided by our Mission Statement: To encourage and support the quality and continuity of individual, family and community life guided by the ethical and spiritual values of Judaism. We are continually working to develop new services and resources to assist our community.

Jewish Family Service is primarily a low cost cash based counseling service.  Jewish Family service offers counseling on a sliding scale based on clients monthly income and is employed by MFT interns and licensed MFTS.  Counseling services are non-denominational and offered at our location in Ventura.

In addition to in clinic counseling, Jewish family Service has a Senior Case manager who works with Jewish Seniors throughout Ventura County.

In addition to the mental health services that Jewish Family Services offers we provide a free legal clinic twice a month.

Jewish Family Service is an ancillary agency of The Jewish Federation of Ventura County  and is also supported by agency contracts, grants and donations.