Internship Program

JFS has developed into a highly respected training site for Marriage and Family Therapist Interns and Social Workers. JFS provides a wide range of clinical experience at its two clinics and in the schools. Many MFTs throughout Ventura County obtained some or all of their pre-licensed hours through JFS. Interns receive excellent supervision from our team of Licensed MFTs and LCSWs. The clinical supervisors have over 60 years of experience between them and are careful to keep up on current theories as well as BBS requirements. Interns will have the experience of working with a wide range of issues with their clients. Interns will have mini-trainings during their supervision and be referred to many more. The JFS supervision strives to provide an experience that is positive, caring and ethical with many learning opportunities.

Anyone interested in being considered for a position as an Intern must have an MA, MS or MSW and must be registered as an MFT Intern or Associate of Social Work. If you are interested in applying may send a resume to Amy Balchum at